Saturday, September 25, 2010

DJ Encore feat. Engelina - I See Right Through to You

Hey guys. So I've been having an unbelievably crappy month. First my laptop breaks, then my phone dials by itself and won't register the buttons I press then MY CAR DIES. I mean. there's bad luck and there's BAD LUCK.

Well I've been very screwed and stranded in Pennsylvania without a ride home up until today so please forgive me for not updating earlier...

Well, I'll stop ranting and give you guys what you were waiting for: A classic from DJ Encore. This is what tonight sounds like :D


  1. you know you're a little too pissy when you read an article about someone describing a bad day and simply stating it was bad luck, then sigh a breath of relief that they didn't bring up any hokum about it being 'destiny' or 'a sign' from some kind of higher power or karma, etc etc.

    thanks for not being an idiot lol.

  2. very very good song,


    Lifehack's guide to a better BJ is out now!

  3. nice song man! check my blog for a cool trance song :)

  4. Damn that sucks... Have a nice day, supporting!